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Members are reminded by telephone a week or so before the event. If you would like to become a member, please ring Hilary Edmonds on This month we meet: Thursday 16th February at Please get in touch, we really are a nice bunch of people! You can either give one of us a call on the numbers below or come along to our AGM where we start planning this year's fete.

The Wisborough Green Sideshows Society was founded nearly 70 years ago in order to provide a Christmas party for the pensioners of the parish and to support local charities. The majority of the current committee have now served for many years and will not be standing for re-election.

If you want to see this wonderful village tradition continue, please come along to the AGM and consider joining the committee. Christmas Eve Nativity Service - The 5pm service on 24 December took the form of a playlet interspersed with songs and carols as we journeyed with Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the birth of the Christ Child.

Children were encouraged to dress up as either Shepherds, Angels or Kings to join with the 'cast' and they did not disappoint. The church was bursting at the seams with standing room only at the back. This was a very special and enjoyable service. The little girl Tabitha in the picture above standing next to Victoria Smallwood has written a little story inspired by her experience of this event - see facing page.

Epiphany Sunday 8 January - Epiphany is when the Church celebrates the coming of the wise men to visit Jesus. On Sunday 8th January in our Time for God service we explored the theme of Epiphany with activities - making crowns, decorating cakes and more On Christmas eve afternoon, they were going to go to a church service with their granny, Solomon was going to dress up as a king!

Tabitha and Auntie Vic were going to dress up as stars! Then they went to Fairy Land! In Fairyland, they met an animal called the Jabberwocky!!! At first, they were frightened, then the Jabberwocky was SO kind he gave them A tour of the village!! Quickly they got changed into their costumes and they were just about on time!!!

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And it all went perfectly!! Rhubarb Traybake This recipe is courtesy of the National Trust and is apparently a speciality of Polesden Lacey, made with the early pink rhubarb that they grow in their kitchen gardens. Although it is delicious as a cake to have with a cup of tea it's also good warm as a pudding with cream or custard. Method 1. Place the flour, brown sugar, butter and 3 eggs in a bowl and beat until pale and fluffy. Pour the mixture into the tin. Make the cheesecake topping by whisking together the remaining 2 eggs, cream cheese, caster sugar and ginger.

Pour this runny topping over the cake mixture and spread into a thin layer. Sprinkle with the raw rhubarb all over. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Helen V.

The Royal British Legion Annual Poppy Appeal My sincere apologies for such a long delay in reporting the very satisfactory results of last years appeal. Thank you all once again for raising such a good result; a fine way to complete the year of Somme commemorations. John Ansley Initial investigations considered that there was some substance to a distant rumour of a connection with the Benedictine Order, but nothing was discovered and neither was anything discovered by investigations into those entities that used the symbol.

Another line of investigation has been pursuing the history of other Three Crowns pubs in the country of which there are around 20 scattered all over the country. Unfortunately, most have no idea of their pub's history and usage of the name, but some have reference to other events, e. It proudly states that its name refers to the martyred St Edmund who was honoured as the Patron Saint of England and whose emblem was three gold crowns on a blue background.

Almost nothing is known about St Edmund. It is believed that he was born in in East Anglia and that he reigned as King of the East Angles from until being killed in battle on 20th November or , his death shown in the attached medieval illumination. The kingdom of East Anglia was devastated by the Vikings after their Great Heathen Army advanced on the kingdom and killed him. He may have been slain in battle but tradition states that he met his death at an unidentified place known as Haegelisdun either near Diss in Norfolk or Maldon in Essex after he refused the Danes' demand that he renounce Christ.

On the orders of Ivar the Boneless and his brother Ubba he was beaten, shot with arrows and then beheaded. Legend has it that his head was thrown into the forest but was found safe by searchers who heard the cry of a wolf indicating where they should look. Edmund's body was buried in a wooden chapel near to where he was killed, but then transferred to Beodoricsworth the modern Bury St. Edmunds where in the AngloSaxon king Athelstan founded a community devoted to the new cult. His remains were visited by many kings, including Canute who converted to Christianity and rebuilt the abbey.

In the abbey and church were rebuilt again and Edmund's remains were re-interred in the new building. Coins commemorating Edmund were minted from around to when East Anglia was absorbed by Wessex. Some of it is fanciful, e. The shrine and monastery at Bury soon became one of the most famous and wealthy pilgrimage locations in England; the 13th century manuscript shows Edmund being crowned by angels.

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The cult gradually declined until revived by the re-appearance of Abbo's work in the 12th century. The shrine was destroyed in during the Reformation and the abbot and monks expelled. After the city was thought to have been saved from the plague in by pleadings to Edmund, a new shrine for his relics was built and his cult flourished for a couple of centuries. In the Archbishop of Westminster received some relics thought to be those of St Edmund, They were intended for the high altar in Westminster Cathedral but were housed in the Fitzalan Chapel at Arundel Castle where they remain under the care of the Duke of Norfolk.

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The banner of St Edmund was attributed to him retrospectively in the second half of the 12th century, the crowns representing his martyrdom, virginity and kingship. This was also the banner or symbol used by Sweden since the 14 th century and by inference its connection to the Vikings who were responsible for the death of Edmund. The symbol also appears on the coat of arms for East Anglia and several entities in the area. There have been several attempts to re-instate Edmund as the Patron Saint of England the most recent being in when Greene King brewery launched a well supported campaign to restore St Edmund to his rightful place and to have 20th November as his saints' day.

Where does this leave the investigation? In the absence of any real evidence my leaning is towards the pub being named after St Edmund.

The period of the pub's origin ties in quite well with the period of St Edmund's reign as Patron Saint of England, but perhaps some evidence will emerge one day to settle the matter? Richard B. Depart 9. You will see above that we have a visit planned to the South Downs Planetarium in Chichester on Wednesday, 22nd February. We are booked in for 1.

I hope you will join us for what promises to be a most enjoyable day. The extension applies to England, Wales and Scotland.

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By using fine mesh you will deny wild bird access. As it currently stands, the week period will end on 1 March. From this date, if free range birds are still required to be housed then eggs and poultry meat cannot be sold as free range. Continued on page Sussex: Surrey: Email: info galomerremovals. The prime purpose of our simulator project is to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund and to that end, simulator flights are normally charged for.

To join the group, contact Brian Smith on or briansmithair uwclub. Wisborough Green History Society Wisborough Green Village History Society is a small group of people who enjoy talking about and researching the history of the village. Several of our members are life-long residents of the village, others have lived here for many years and all have interesting memories and anecdotes to relate.

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month in the village hall committee room at Sue Killingbeck, Secretary. Contact Philip Midwinter on for more details. A beautiful 16th century pub located in a beautiful Sussex village. All fresh home cooked food. Good quality beer. Theme food evenings. Check website for dates. Web www. We hope you have had a splendid start to the year and are fully recovered from the festivities of December.

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Thank you once again to everyone who volunteered and shopped with us last year. We have had a much needed market break in January after the busy-ness of the Christmas Market and the committee has been meeting to discuss plans for the year ahead. Join us for a birthday bash and cake! We would be delighted to hear from any budding chocolatiers! If you think you can spare any time to help keep the market going and growing please contact us at wisboroughmarket gmail. Meanwhile you can always find news, updates and photographs by following us on social media: Facebook: www.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Bombs (Grain-Free)

For further information email: wisboroughmarket gmail. Sada Ray. Sussex Police backs knife surrender campaign Sussex Police is supporting a national initiative to tackle knife crime. The surrender is part of a national drive to raise awareness of people who have lost their lives to knife crime. For a full-blown celiac patient there is no magic pill for this disease, not even a gluten-free diet.

Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4) Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4)
Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4) Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4)
Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4) Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4)
Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4) Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4)
Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4) Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards (William Edwards Book Series 4)

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