The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival

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Although humans sin, God loves them to the point of taking personal care of their clothing. The Age of Grace was inaugurated by the birth of Jesus. In the Age of Kingdom, God becomes flesh in China and achieves the other part of his glory. This work is final, and there will not be another incarnation of God after the present Almighty God.

An important, if often overlooked, aspect of the beliefs of the Church of Almighty God is its doctrine of beauty. The presence of Almighty God on Earth is not only momentous and decisive: it also creates unprecedented beauty. Believers respond to this divine beauty by producing beauty on Earth. This beauty manifests first in the life itself of the believers. A miracle follows: nature itself reacts to the efforts and prayers of the believers and becomes more beautiful. The Church of Almighty God is a millenarian movement, but its brand of millennialism is often misunderstood by critics.

Some people think about it a lot, and say that the Millennial Kingdom will last for a thousand years on earth, so if the older members of the church are unmarried, do they have to get married? My family has no money, should I start making money? Do you know?

People are purblind, and suffer a great ordeal. In fact, the Millennial Kingdom has yet to officially arrive. The return to Heaven of Almighty God would mean that the purification work had come to an end.

The disasters prophesied in the Book of Revelation will follow, in the shape of earthquakes, wars, and famines. Planet Earth, however, will not be destroyed. The disasters are prophesied in the Bible, but we do not know the details.

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Nor do we know exact dates. Almighty God does not announce the end of the world, but its transformation. And this will not occur before the work of Almighty God on Earth is completed. And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

There is no formal liturgy in the Church of Almighty God, nor sacraments such as baptism or eucharist. This, however, does not mean that gathering together is not important for the members of the Church of Almighty God. The richness of the religious life contrasts with a minimalist style of worship. Some believers may decide to serve as full-time missionaries which, obviously enough, occurs in many religious organizations.

They answer the criticisms by claiming that, in fact, the teachings make them better Christians and better family men and women, and help them learn how to treat their family and relatives more appropriately. Fellowshipping today is often done by Internet, and it may happen that believers from different countries and even different continents fellowship together. This is described as an exciting experience by members.

Accusations of serious crimes against the Church of Almighty God come from two sources: the Chinese Communist Party and other Christian churches. The Chinese government and media periodically accuse the Church of Almighty God of crimes. Other alleged incidents were connected, according to critics, to announcements that the end of the world would occur in Some scholars believe that the accusations are grossly exaggerated and, in some cases, fake news have been fabricated by the Chinese government Introvigne a; Introvigne and Bromley ; Folk b.

Chinese authorities claimed that the perpetrators were members of the Church of Almighty God, and used the claim to justify their increasing public repression of the Church.


The claim was also repeated by mainline media in the West. On August 24, , a woman pulled out the eyes of a young boy called Guo Bin in Shaanxi. The boy later became internationally famous for a successful ocular prosthesis surgery performed on him in Shenzhen. Some Chinese media attributed the crime to members of the Church of Almighty God.

The Church of Almighty God has also been accused of predicting the end of the world for , within the global framework of the phenomenon, based on prophecies attributed to the Maya civilization, causing riots and even crimes around China. This was another justification used by Chinese authorities to arrest a great number of members of the Church. The Church also maintains that some flyers and brochures depicted in Chinese anti- xie - jiao Web sites as evidence of its prophecies were in fact either fabricated or derived from alterations with Photoshop and other techniques of existing materials of the Church of Almighty God.

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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ EXPLAINED!

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  • The Second Coming of the Church, eBook.
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The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival
The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival
The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival
The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival
The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival
The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival The Second Coming of the Church, eBook: A Blueprint of Survival

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