The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch

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Greatswords , also known as broadswords, are much larger than longswords, and can only be wielded using both hands, preventing the use of a shield. Many other specific swords - usually heirlooms weapons of Valyrian steel - are seen throughout the series, but their classification is not specifically mentioned:. The classification scheme listed above predominantly applies the swords used by Westerosi knights , as well as other warriors in the Seven Kingdoms. Across the Known World, there are many other kinds of swords which do not fit easily if at all into any of the aforementioned categories:.

There are also various types of bladed weapons which are smaller than a longsword, such as shortswords and daggers. There is no specific definition for when a large dagger becomes a small sword, and vice-versa; in general, a dagger is considered a sidearm and not intended as a primary weapon. Spears, axes, and warhammers are all members of this group. Ranged weaponry plays a significant role in most battles, and many armies incorporate bows and crossbows into their arsenals.

In large scale conflicts, such as the Battle of the Blackwater, the Battle of the Bastards, and the Battle of the Goldroad, archery was employed en masse , with hundreds of archers firing in unison to maximize the impact of their missiles. Crossbows are also used, but they are more expensive to produce and thus somewhat less common than traditional bows. In addition to battle, bows are also used for hunting, and archery competitions are sometimes featured events in tourneys.

The absolute best bows in the world are made out of dragonbone , which is both strong and flexible, but these are exceedingly rare, and never deployed in large groups. Dragonbone isn't exactly a renewable resource, and is most often mined from millennia-old dragon skeletons found in the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai among other places.

In the novels, Daenerys participates in a traditional Dothraki ritual during her marriage to Khal Drogo- the bride is ceremonially offered a whip, bow, and arakh, which she refuses and are instead given to her husband. The bow offered was made of dragonbone and stood taller than Daenerys herself. A handful of cultures and individuals throughout the Known World make use of unusual weapons not commonly found elsewhere. This could be for any number of reasons, from personal preferences to a unique fighting style. The White Walkers appear to wield a variety of weapons with blades made of ice.

These blades have been shown to shatter ordinary weapons upon contact, but Jon Snow has used his Valyrian steel sword Longclaw to effectively parry ice blades, and to kill the walkers who wielded them. Depending on the stronghold in question, these sieges can involve ground troops, navies, or a combination of both.

The Dothraki use siege weapons even less or not at all, due to their lack of technical expertise, so they also tend to avoid attacking major cities or fortifications directly. Scorpion used during the Battle of the Goldroad. Subsequent attempts to match this achievement failed, however, as dragon-riders simply grew more wary of scorpion-fire.

Qyburn tried to defend against Daenerys Targaryen 's dragons in similar fashion by devising a new custom scorpion. The use of armor varies quite widely among different cultures, and sometimes even within cultures. The design of any type of armor is influenced by many factors, such available resources and materials, established traditions, the desired level of protection, and the fighting styles of the soldiers wearing it. Tywin in full armor following the Battle of the Green Fork.

In contrast to most regionally conscripted soldiers, the Kingsguard and the Gold Cloaks are centered in the capital of King's Landing and rarely travel far beyond its walls though they are not technically a "standing" military force either. As such, both groups tend to wear more-or-less standardized suits of armor, though the design of these suits has changed subtly over time.

Many types of poisons are found throughout the Known World, but they are not often seen on the battlefield: In contrast to bladed implements and siege machinery, poison is much more of stealth weapon, used to covertly kill a target with minimal chance of discovery. Poison is often scorned as "a woman's weapon" due to the belief that a man should have the courage to attack his enemies directly, but this feeling is by no means universal. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros do not possess a large standing military force, as do some of the Free Cities.

Crusader Katana

Instead, each lord permanently maintains only a relatively small retinue of well-trained and well-equipped personal knights and warriors. In wartime they function on the principle of feudal levies, with each lord raising his own armies from the commoners who live on his lands. Soldiers muster with the weapons and armor they possess according to their wealth and their Lords can usually provide these levies with reasonably standardized and good quality armor and weapons - though sometimes, they are little more than peasants wielding sharpened farming tools, clubs and staves, or a board with a nail in it.

These are usually supported by archers, or even crossbowmen. In wartime, mounted knights form the backbone of major armies in most of Westeros. A single knight is an elite professional soldier, with extensive combat training, and equipped with the finest weapons and heavy armor. A single knight, even dismounted, is worth a dozen poorly armed and untrained common footsoldiers conscripted as feudal levies.

Knights are very useful for carving through and running down enemy infantry, though they are also the best weapon against the enemy's own mounted knights. Each lord raises a military force from his vassals on behalf of his or her own superior lord. These "bannermen" march under the war banners of their overlord, combining their strength with his own. For example, House Stark draws soldiers from the lands immediately around Winterfell and all other lands and holdfasts they directly control, but then adds to these knights and footsoldiers from the lands of House Umber , who in turn have their own minor bannermen.

This hierarchy extends up to the king on the Iron Throne. The regions of Westeros vary considerably in population and wealth, dramatically affecting the number and quality of the soldiers that can be raised. The king on the Iron Throne does appoint four " Wardens " who are meant to command and coordinate regional armies when in times of crisis, when bannermen and levies are called up.

The regional lords in that quarter of the realm are expected to put their armies at the overall command of the Warden in their quarter of the realm. The Warden of the North guards against wildling attacks from beyond the Wall, the Warden of the East guards against attack from across the Narrow Sea, and so on. Some regions, most notably the Iron Islands and Dorne, also specialize in different forms of fighting and combat than the norm, which stems from the Andals' chivalric and knightly tradition.

The North basically fights using the same style and tactics as southern Westeros, but because the Faith of the Seven is little practiced there they do not have knights. They do have Northern heavy cavalry, who function just as knights do on the battlefield, and they are considered knights in all but name. The Iron Islands, being an archipelago, heavily base their military on naval forces, making no significant use of cavalry in combat.

Their fighting style is based on raiding and ambush, performing lightning raids and retreating back to the sea before larger forces can show up. The ironborn usually prefer to hit coastal targets or those on navigable rivers. Away from the water they are not particularly mobile without cavalry, and do not usually bring heavy siege equipment with them. This generally makes them unable to take heavily defended targets Balon Greyjoy dismissed out of hand the possibility of actually assaulting Winterfell, even though Theon later took it by surprise with two dozen men using climbing gear because he knew the layout of the castle.

Dorne is too hot to sustain large armies of men in heavy plate armor. Instead the Dornishmen favor smaller groups of lightly armored fighters who are correspondingly faster and more agile. They rely on hit and run attacks and harassing invaders, using mounted archers supported by spearmen on foot. Still, they have been known to march in major wars and conventional battles, such as the large contingent of Dornishmen at the Battle of the Trident.

The City Watch of King's Landing , known as the "Gold Cloaks", could be said to be a "standing army" of a sort - but they are meant to be a police force, not soldiers. They are not trained for combat and would not normally experience it. This was seen during the Battle of the Blackwater, when Stannis Baratheon's forces were attacking the city: as the tide of battle began to turn against them and Joffrey made a cowardly retreat, many of the Gold Cloaks also panicked and fled the walls. Visit our website to find the perfect sword for you!.

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They are very light and balanced swords, typically weighing less than 3lbs. Slender, moderately curved, and with a single-edged blade, this sword is still used in modern martial arts. Though heavier and slower than their one-handed counterparts, two-handed swords offer an advantage that is readily apparent - they have a large bladed area, which makes them frighteningly lethal.

Etched blade. The Crusader foam sword is great for costumes, kids and general fun!

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Made of foam with a flexible core, this foam sword has great hand painted details. T10 steel katana of the Generals series. I decided to write this guide, despite not being a hero myself, because I've seen a few different posts on the forum looking for a hero build to help them decide between 1h and 2h, deciding their weapon: sword or axe, along with other similar questions.

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The factory sharpened edges are ready to cut tatami mats. There are a plethora of supposedly effective weapons out there for those interested in protecting themselves from the much-dreaded undead. Well here it is. It is similar to a normal type XV, but its tapering blade has a diamond-shaped cross-section and is somewhat longer and slimmer.

The number of shotgun kills can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu. Model 13, a Templar Sword called the 'Crusader' by Ronin Katana is one of the best value for money, and historically accurate swords of its type on the market. We offer the most exceptional designs at competitive prices. Elite cues feature an elegant, simple design that puts the beauty of quality woods on display.

The Watchers' War

I have some exciting news on behalf of our wiki team here. Tsuba Fuchi Menuki Kashira.

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This Crusader sword was hand forged with a high carbon steel blade with a guard made of solid cast brass and is highly polished. The cross is definately a european symbol which can often be seen on medieval swords, but the quality of the carving is too bad here. Sword sale! Our collection includes battle ready swords that can be used for re-enactment purposes, Stage Steel swords for theatrical play or practice, wooden swords for learning sword fight and martial arts, decorative swords to improve decor of your house or office.

Dark steel blades come with steel fittings, Bronze-Fit blades come with bronze fittings. You can find medieval swords, short swords, broadswords, rapiers, and more. Ritter Steel is a premium line of hand made functional medieval swords, Samurai swords and related weapons. Black leather over wood sheath included with belt. We are proud to offer you the opportunity of owning a custom made katana samurai sword.

The image of the Knight and his sword will live forever through the sagas and tales of heroism during the Crusades from to The consequences of the crusades were the mass slaughter of human lives on both sides in which Jews, Muslims as well as the Christians slaughtered each other depending on which side was superior.

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  7. The authenticity and craftsmanship of these swords put them leagues above all others on the market. The western people in Europa and America did copy the Turkish Sword even today In fact the sword of Napoleon is even a Turkish sword of design and construction. Do not forget to take care of all those metal parts: you can buy the right oil here as well. Make your custom Ninja swords from wide selection of parts or choose from our ninjato for sale collection on site, The Ninjato sword is characterized by a straight blade unlike the Katana which is curved.

    Richly ceremonial due to its symbolic shape, the Cruciform swords of the Crusading period were designed with proportions of perfection of form and harmony.

    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch
    The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch The Rise of the Western Kingdom: Book Two of the Sword of the Watch

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