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Because the ad worked and got the reader to consider the book, and the blurb worked and got them to buy. If the reviews are fine, then the only thing left is the Look Inside.

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Job of the second book is to get them to buy the third. And so on. As always, show your support for me by buying my crap, and be nice to each other, or barring that, at least snarky and amusing. A quick blog on how I think of my covers and my product descriptions.

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  7. Hopefully this might change the way you view yours, and help you sell more books. It also needs to be professional. Gone are the days where you could screw around with photoshop and hope for a win. The worse the cover, the fewer conversions from impressions to clicks. That simple. Words that will convince the reader that they need to buy the book.

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    I use Bestsellerblurb. New York: Doubleday, , pp. I want! Both plates describe a desire that overwhelms its subject, and Plate 10 is an image of unbridled desire at its catastrophic conclusion. Compare it with an emblem from Whitney showing a shipwrecked merchant tossed in the waves. A negative comment, to be sure, on the evil effects of uncontrolled desire. Plate 12 of The Gates of Paradise is unusual in that it is the only one of the series to deal with a specific historical event.

    Author John David Bethel Reads from "No Country Loved" Book 3 of "A Washington Trilogy

    But even if Blake had come across the story elsewhere, he made use of it in a way that would have been familiar to emblem writers. The portrayal of cruel and historically infamous punishments for the purpose of edification or to provide vivid exempla was a stock-in-trade of emblem literature, as two emblems from Whitney demonstrate. My Son! In either case, the device serves to promote something apart from its own frightful imagery—the second emblem illustrates the virtue of disinterested patriotism; the first, the drawbacks of arranged marriages!

    Here is where Blake differs radically from the emblem tradition. For a traditional emblematist to raise this issue would have been virtually unthinkable; emblems deal not in doubt, but in the reinforcement of orthodox wisdom. In the emblematic tradition, cruelty and pain and suffering are merely aspects of the human condition to be explained, catalogued, and moralized; they are never occasions for the questioning of conventional beliefs.

    And Plate 12 is uncompromising not only in its depiction of evil, but also in its refusal to supply any easy answer to the doubts that such an undistorted vision raises. Plate 13 has no specific emblematic antecedent, although mystical and visionary experiences are sometimes depicted in religious emblems. The plate shows a family gathered around the bedside of a dying man, whose spirit rises up majestically from his mortal remains.

    This engraving comes as the high point of The Gates of Paradise. The disturbing tension and disorder that have been building up in the previous plates give way to a cathartic release of energy, one in which fear and hope reach a pitch of intensity that resolves itself in Vision.

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    Plate 13 may have its source in a painful moment for Blake—the death of his brother Robert in In any case, the engraving is certainly one of the most traditionally emblematic in The Gates of Paradise , as comparison with an emblem from Whitney will show. The most important similarity, however, lies in the practically identical meaning of the two pictures.

    The Dead (David Blake Book 3) The Dead (David Blake Book 3)
    The Dead (David Blake Book 3) The Dead (David Blake Book 3)
    The Dead (David Blake Book 3) The Dead (David Blake Book 3)
    The Dead (David Blake Book 3) The Dead (David Blake Book 3)
    The Dead (David Blake Book 3) The Dead (David Blake Book 3)

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