Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed

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Luke, St. John, Like unto the prophet Jonas, as a type of Christ, Who was guarded for three days and Three nights in the belly of a whale, Thus shall the Almighty God, As a Father, guard and protect me from all evil. Grant, O Lord, Thy protection And in protection, strength And in strength, understanding And in understanding, knowledge And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it And in the love of it, the love of all existences And in that love, the love of spirit and all creation.

Jesus, I will arise; Jesus do thou accompany me; Jesus, do thou lock my heart into thine, And let my body and my soul Be commended unto thee. The Lord is crucified. May God guard and protect my senses So that misfortunes may not overcome me. Learn about the Hedge of Protection Prayer. You thieves, I implore you to be obedient like Jesus Christ, Who obeyed his heavenly Father unto the cross, And to stand without moving out of my sight, In the name of the Trinity. And furthermore, I implore you, horse and rider, To stand still and not to move out of my sight, Like Jesus Christ did stand when he was about To be nailed to the cross to release the Fathers of the church from the bonds of hell.

Thieves, I bind you with the same bonds with which Jesus Our Lord has bound hell; and thus ye shall be bound; And the same Words that bind you shall also release you. God be with you, brethren; stop, ye thieves, Robbers, murderers, horsemen and soldiers, In all humility, for we have tasted The rosy blood of Jesus.

My Prayer Was Taken to Padre Pio’s Tomb

Your rifles and guns will be stopped up with the Holy blood of Jesus; and all swords and arms are made harmless By the five holy wounds of Jesus. There are three roses upon the heart of God; The first is beneficent, The other is omnipotent, The third is his holy will. You thieves must therefore stand under it, Standing still as long as I will. Like unto the cup and the wine, and the holy supper, which our dear Lord Jesus Christ gave unto his dear disciples on Maunday Thursday, may the Lord Jesus guard me in daytime, and at night, that: No dog may bite me, No wild beast tear me to pieces, No tree fall upon me, No water rise against me, No firearms injure me, No weapons, no steel, no iron cut me, No fire burn me, No false sentence fall upon me, No false tongue injure me, No rogue enrage me, and that no fiends, no witchcraft Or enchantment can harm me.

Blessed be my protection when I go out during day or night, That thou mayest not let any of my enemies, or thieves, approach me, If they do not intend to bring me what was intended from your Holy Altar. Because God the Lord Jesus Christ is ascended into Heaven in his living Body, And so shall my body and wellbeing be protected on this journey.

O Lord, bless me and watch over me day and night. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the name of God I go on this journey.

Old Testament

Whoever is stronger than these three persons May approach my body and my life; yet Whoso is not stronger than these three Would much better let me be! O God, You are the preserver of men, and the keeper of our lives. We commit ourselves to Your perfect care on the journey that awaits us. We pray for a safe and auspicious journey.

Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God [Official Music Video]

Give Your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. Let no evil befall us, nor any harm come to our dwelling that we leave behind. Although we are uncertain of what the days may bring, may we be prepared for any event or delay, and greet such with patience and understanding. Bless us O Lord, that we may complete our journey safely and successfully under Your ever watchful care. The cross of Christ be with me; The cross of Christ overcomes all water and every fire; The cross of Christ overcomes all weapons; The cross of Christ is a perfect sign and blessing to my soul.

May Christ be with me and my body during all my life At day and at night. The cross of Christ open unto me future bliss; The cross of Christ be with me, above me, before me, Behind me, beneath me, aside of me and Everywhere, and before all my enemies, Visible and invisible; these all flee from me As soon as they but know or hear.

Enoch and Elias, the two prophets, were never Imprisoned, nor bound, nor beaten and came Never out of their power; thus no one of my enemies Must be able to injure or attack me in my body Or my life, in the name of God the Father, the Son, And the Holy Ghost. The blessing which came from heaven, From God the Father, when the true living Son was born, Be with me at all times; The blessing which God spoke over the whole human race, Be with me always.

The holy cross of God, as long and as broad As the one upon which God suffered His blessed, bitter tortures, bless me today and forever.

A Child's Bedtime Prayer - Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord

The three holy nails which were driven through The holy hands and feet of Jesus Christ Shall bless me today and forever. The bitter crown of thorns which was forced upon The holy head of Christ, shall bless me today and forever. The spear by which the holy side of Jesus was opened, Shall bless me today and forever.

The rosy blood protect me from all my enemies, And from everything which night be injurious to my body Or soul, or my worldly goods. Bless me, oh ye five holy wounds, in order that all my enemies May be driven away and bound, While God has encompassed all Christendom. Thus must I, [name], be blessed as well and as valid As the cup and the wine, and the true, living bread which Jesus gave his disciples on the evening of Maunday Thursday.

All those that hate you must be silent before me; Their hearts are dead in regard to me; and their tongues are Mute, so that they are not at all able to inflict the least injury Upon me, or my house, or my premises: And likewise, all those who intend attacking and wounding me With their arms and weapons shall be defenseless, Weak and conquered before me.


In this shall assist me the holy power of God, which can make all arms or weapons of no avail. How kind dear sir, to watch over me. I am all white and clean and all new. You are so kind sir, to help me dear sir. For the Lord He is watching, He is watching over me. I stayed near his feet, I was helpless and small, but he watched over me, that I should not fall.

Come little lamb, follow me to the water. You can drink from it there. I will help you not falter. They can be adapted for use by group or personal prayer. You might find helpful. You can download a similar set of prayers translated into German here.


If your life situation does not offer you these opportunities, try to simply offer up the things you are doing as prayer, remembering that God is in all things, and is very much with you in the ordinary activities of the day. You could read from any psalm but this section from Psalm 63 is a good way to start the day:. O God, I long for you from early morning; my whole being desires you. Like a dry, worn-out and waterless land my soul is thirsty for you.

Let me see you in the place of prayer; let me see how glorious you are. Your constant love is better than life itself, and so I will praise you. I will give thanks as long as I live. I will raise my hands to you in prayer. My soul will feast and be satisfied, and I will sing glad songs of praise to you.

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Illumine our hearts, O Lord; implant in us a desire for your truth. May all that is false within us flee. Unless the Lord builds the house, the work of the builders is useless. Unless the Lord builds the city, the security guards keep watch in vain. It is useless to get up early and go to bed late; for the Lord provides for those he loves. Whatever the work you do, do it to the Lord, with a sense of respect and responsibility to those for whom you work. Spirit of the Risen Christ, as lamps light up the evening, shine into our hearts and kindle in us the fire of your love.

We give you thanks that you led our forbears in the Faith through a cloud by day and a fire by night; we give you thanks, kindly Light, that the torch of faith was brought to this land, and that you ever lead your people on.

Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed
Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed
Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed
Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed
Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed Dear Soldier: I Pray for You Every Night Before I Go to Bed

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