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Douglas J Lindsay was born to the sea. Mick Timpson is a senior meditation and yoga teacher. He is a writer, university lecturer, award-winning artist and architect. Lotte Moore is an year-old writer on a mission. Sara was diagnosed with HER2 positive and oestrogen positive primary breast cancer in October at the age of forty-two. David Freed is a successful dad blogger who writes about sharing parenting on his blog Dad's Turn: Raising Little Bear www.

Jerry Bradley started writing when his wife of 29 years, Irene, became seriously ill.

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Jerry became her full-time carer until she lost her battle with dementia three years later, in Philip Beicken was born in Galway, Ireland but moved to England when he was 6 months old. Ahlam Bsharat is a Palestinian writer who was born in and grew up in the village of Tammun, Jenin province, Northern Palestine.

Hafsa Lodi is an American journalist who has been covering fashion in the Middle East for the past decade. The pharmaceutical industry is in meltdown.

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AK Michaels is an indie author success story who only came to writing later in life after a career in the finance industry. Some are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Michael Forester was born with a pen in his hand. Of course, it was immediately pinched by his big brother who put it on a shelf too high for him to reach. It tells you that it is permanent and necessary and central to your creativity and individuality.

Martin Caswell grew up in the coastal village of Boscastle in Cornwall. Caroline Garnham is the leading expert in the world of trusts and succession for the super-rich. She was editor of Who Minds? Lee Winter has worked as a newspaper journalist in almost every state in Australia for the past 28 years. Ciaran O'Connor works a tremendous amount with games in counselling and psychotherapy.

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Many of his clients will talk about their gaming worlds and from there he wil work outward to the rest of their lives. Caroline Jones is the powerhouse behind the headline-hitting, homespun fundraising campaign, Knickers Model's Own. Homegrown on British bangers and mash, Gavin Morse moved to France during his adolescence for the steak-frites.

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Living in Alsace, eastern France, he had the Vosges Mountains as his playground. Meze Publishing are specialists in producing cookbooks providing a creative and professional publishing service — and most importantly — they structure the deal so that writers receive the maximum benefit. His 13th book is Infidelity For Beginners.

Tracing her family back to through the illustrious Sforza dynasty, Valentina is the youngest member of a large Anglo-Italian family of colourful gourmets. Daisy White is one of those wonder people who seem to manage everything with an ease that leaves us mere mortals gasping for air. Reconnecting With The Heart explains how emotional health is as important to wellbeing as physical and mental health.

Fleur Brown has more than 25 years of experience as a practising nutritional therapist and runs a busy clinic in England. He has lived overseas in numerous countries and travels extensively. James Millar is a father and went part-time in whilst a Westminster journalist.

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James Mellor is a freelance writer and cartoonist. James launched James Mellor Creative in to help people turn their ideas into usable, engaging and memorable content. Bianca is an accomplished business woman, award-winning entrepreneur, workshop facilitator and public speaker. Annette Byford grew up in Germany where she taught at a secondary school before going on to study psychology and train as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in the UK.

Zena is an international executive coach, with a rare cocktail of entrepreneurial, headhunting, organisational psychology and coaching experience. He has travelled extensively and his experiences found expression in Mountain Garden, a book that he had always wanted to read.

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A story of tragedy, pain, sexual attraction, lust and complicated emotions set in the beautiful surroundings of Loch Lomond, Scotland. George Edmunds is a bit of a polymath with an eclectic career. It is a story of love, hate, longing and sexual dysfunction, all sifted through the fallout from the war on terror. Scott Lauder has always been fascinated by other cultures, which inspired his choice to live in myriad countries including Greece, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Japan.

John Gerzema is a pioneer in the use of data to identify social change and help companies anticipate and adapt to new interests and demands. An example of human interconnection is the experience of emotion. Jane G. Goldberg, Ph. Glenn Armstrong is also known as The Millionaire Maker, who is a multi-millionaire himself. Naomi was the first life coach for children in the UK and has been coaching since Luciano Iorio was born in Rome in and moved to London in In his native country he gained a music diploma and a degree in law.

Christine Ingall was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Jacqui is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. She has extensive experience in: safeguarding; patient safety; and as an advocate working in the NHS as a senior manager.

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He obtained a teaching degree in , and then his Well Engineering certificate in His father was a doctor and agnostic Jew. A groundbreaking new self-development text that shows you how you can truly achieve well-being and performance optimisation. Dr Thomas A. Dr Tony Ortega is a first generation Cuban American gay man. Born in London, England, Sienna moved to the States with her parents aged five.

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  • Now aged 39, she lives in Texas and is a mother of two. Sophia Ledingham is a psychologist who splits her time between London and Dubai. This book includes a wide range of different opinions and perspectives, would you be able to provide a brief overview of some of these views?

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    • I think the main issues relate to the different perspectives on Tanzanian socialism. Many of the early authors who wrote on Tanzania were sympathetic to Tanzanian socialism, despite its inefficiencies, as I was when I worked in the Ministry of Agriculture.

      Ian Bostridge; "Our Hunting Fathers"; Op. 8; Benjamin Britten

      The situation has become more complex since President Nyerere retired because the idealogical basis for policy is less and less clear and many policy decisions are now purely opportunistic. Some lip service is occasionally given to guiding principles but there are increasing indications that preservation of power and influence and the benefits that flow from them are the main concerns of the ruling elite.

      I retired from full time work earlier this year. So the short answer is to relax! Apart from that I may do a bit of consultancy, a bit of writing and enjoy my retirement with my wife and family including my current granddaughter and future grandchildren.

      This is a shortened interview with Dr. Potts, you can read the full interview in the next volume of the African Griot, out later this month! This guest post is written by Dr. David Potts. The early years of the famous Worcester porcelain factory established by Dr Wall have always been a mystery, owing to the destruction of the records of the business for this period.

      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials) Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)
      Benjamin Britten (Kindle Single) (Penguin Specials)

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