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Anatomy of a good MCQ: The Question and Answer

It is entirely retroperitoneal structure c. Blood supply to 1st part is from the common hepatic artery d. The great omentum has an attachment to it In transpyloric section, all of the following structures could be seen except: a. Common hepatic duct c. Gallbladder With related to 1st part of duodenum a. Anterior surface is crossed by The transverse colon. Regarding the descending part of duodenum a.

It is crossed by the transverse colon b. Medial to it is the head of pancreas c. It has a relation to the kidney d. Which statement is most appropriate? Superior mesenteric vessels pass anterior to the uncinated process of pancreas and the inferior part of duodenum b.

Inferior part of duodenum has no relation to the vertebral column c. Aorta pass posterior to 4th part of duodenum Which structure has a relation to the 4th part of duodenum? Ligamntum teres b. IVC c. Superior mesenteric vessels d. Ligament of Treitz Which stamen is most appropriate a. Ligament of Treitz is derived from the left crus of diaphragm b.

Splenic vessels pass anterior to ligament of Treitz c. Aorta pass posterior to the 4th part of duodenum d. Superior mesenteric vessels pass posterior to the 3rd part of duodenum All of the following are characteristics of jejunum except: a. It is mostly in left upper quadrant of abdomen b.

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing and Healthcare Students

Which statement is true? Splenic flexure located at a lower level than the hepatic one and more posteriorly.

Cecum is an retroperitoneal structure. Appendix is attached to anteromedial wall of cecum. The point of attachment of appendix to cecum is consistent. Commonest location of the free-end of appendix is : a. Retrocecal b. Subcecal c. Pelvic d. Postileal Pain of appendix is felt on: a. Midpoint of line drawn between anterior superior iliac spine ASIS and pubic symphysis. Midpoint of line drawn between anterior superior iliac spine ASIS and pubic tubercle. Midpoint of line drawn between anterior superior iliac spine ASIS and umbilicus d.

Midpoint of line drawn between umbilicus and pubic symphysis With related to appendix and its associated structures a. Appendicular artery usually pass anterior to ileum. Blood supply to cecum is from the ileocecal artery, a branch from the inferior mesenteric artery. Pain of appendix is felt in right iliac fossa. Appendicular artery is a direct branch from superior mesenteric artery. Which structure is retroperitoneal? Ascending colon b. Cecum c. Sigmoid colon d.

Small part of superior part of suodenum Relating to rectum and sigmoid colon a. The rectum is retroperitoneal structure b.

Chen's Clinical Anatomy MCQs

Sigmoid colon end at the level of S3. Gallbladder is located at the border of costal margin opposite to the 8th rib. Liver may extend to left hypochondriac quadrant c. A stab wound in the 9th intercostal space on right side may pierce liver d. A vertical line drawn passing through the gallbladder will pass also through : a.


Appendix d. Right kidney d. Right suprarenal gland Factors that stabilizes liver in its location may include all the following except: a. Lesser omentum b. Portal vein d. Coronary ligaments Gall bladder is located to the right of quadate lobe. Quadate lobe is bounded by gallbladder and fissure for ligamentum teres d. Body of gall bladder is lying against: a. Transverse colon b.

IVC Blood supply to gallbladder is by cystic branch from: a.

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Uncinated process pass anterior to superior mesenteric vessels. Portal vein is formed posterior to pancreas neck. Tail of pancreas passes between the layers of gastro-renal ligament. It is an intra-peritoneal structure Choose the most appropriate answer: a. Ampulla of vater is formed within the pancreatic head b. Pancreatic duct begins in tail.

Bile suct and pancreatic duct are agjjoined together in pancreatic head d. Accessory pancreatic ducts : a. Drain from neck region. They opens below the level of major duodenal papilla Are anterior to main pancreatic duct d. The major blood supply to pancreas is from a. Inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery b. Superior pancreaticoduodenal artery c. Splenic artery d. Left gastro-omental artery Portal vein, bile duct and hepatic artery proper all pass in hepatoduodenaln ligament.

Hepatic duct lies to the left of hepatic artery proper c. Hepatic artery proper is posterior to portal vein d. None of the above With relating to spleen? It may extend to left lumbar quadrant b. It lies against the 9th and 10th rib c. It developes from the ventral mesentry d. It is connected to lesser curvature of stomach by gastrosplenic ligament Which statement is true regarding the major duodenal papilla a.

It is the common entrance of bile duct and pancreatic duct. It is located in the inferior part of duodenum c. Minor duodenal papillae located at level below it d.

Junction between foregut and midgut is located below it immediately Regarding the celiac trunk? Common hepatic artery is the largest branch b. Splenic artery pass through the spleno-gastric ligament c. Superior pancreaticoduodenal artery is branch of common hepatic artery d. Right gastro-omental artery is branch of gastroduodenal artery. Superior mesenteric artery level is: a. T12 All of the following are posterior to superior mesenteric artery except: a. Left renal vein b. Splenic vein c. Uncinate process of pancreas d. Inferior part of duodenum First branch of superior mesenteric artery is a.

Inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery on left side b.



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