A Tryst with Trouble

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A Tryst Novel

Teddy fidgeted. I rather resented the latter point, as I was the only one in this affair who'd shown any sense at all. Hadn't I told Teddy he was making a mistake, asking the Leonard chit to marry him? Why shackle yourself to some feather-brained girl, I'd advised him, when you have years before you need to worry about setting up your nursery and she'll probably play you false anyway?

Marriage was one of those unpleasant duties best put off until the last possible moment. But of course Teddy refused to listen. He was too amiable and trusting by half. Most of my mother's family were like that, if you came right down to it. They had regrettably dreamy, unrealistic notions about life.

In Teddy's case it hadn't taken long for my warning to prove true. He looked earnestly to Lord and Lady Leonard. I do love her. But I depend on my father for my allowance, and he'd never accept our marriage if she's Cliburne here will be the Earl of Daventry someday. It would be a grievous injustice to his family if the title and fortune were to end up in the hands of some nobody's by-blow.

Teddy shifted in his chair. Really, I didn't know why I let myself be dragged into these personal messes. I'd never asked for anyone's help in my life, yet I was always the first fellow others came to when they found themselves in a fix. It was one of life's little jokes, the way Fate punished a man for keeping his wits about him. But I was three years older than Teddy and had a good deal more experience of the world, so when he asked for my support, how could I turn him down? If you couldn't count on family, you couldn't count on anyone.

Lord Leonard's face had gone an alarming shade of scarlet. When I first heard she'd been seen with another man, I wanted nothing more than to dismiss it as spiteful gossip. Cinnabar, perhaps? See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. There were alot of laugh out load moments that had me rolling with laughter and each moment with solid gold. Although it was a tad disappointing with all the sexual tension between Ben and Barbara we're never given a good sex scene.

Still this was a small complaint to the overall fun I had with this wonderful debut! How fortunate the ball hit your head instead of some part of your body you actually use. View all 7 comments. Jun 17, Nefise rated it it was amazing Shelves: slowly-building-romance , romantic-suspense , funny , all-time-favorites. It was very well written, very engaging and entertaining story.

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I love very part of it. Imo, romance books with include suspence are not very successful. At least, I haven't read a good one until this one. It's official now, Alyssa Everett is a winer and one of favorites authors in HR genre for me. View all 3 comments. A Tryst with Trouble was a historical romance novel that made me laugh, kept me interested with the storyline centered on a mystery murder, and dealt effectively with issues such as sexuality, insecurity, and devotion to family.

The Characters Ben, otherwise known as The Marquess of Beningbrough, is a proud man trying to prove to society that he is not like his father. Barbara is a strong willed, smart, stubborn, unique beauty who speaks her mind but also has a heart of gold. She lives with Helen, her sister. While Barbara and Ben start off as mere partners in trying to solve the mystery for their families, what develops is a serious physical attraction, and eventually a mutual respect and love for each other.

Because of this, the reader is peppered with scenes that involve anger between Ben and Barbara and resulting action that should not have occurred but for simple communication between the two.

A Tryst Novel Series

The relationship between Ben and his father was a big part of this book and I felt the author did a good job handling a sensitive topic. The resolution was great and I was super happy that the author chose this route. The night air is unhealthy, and I could meet up with felons or low women with the pox, to say nothing of the possibility that a hitherto-undiscovered volcano might suddenly erupt and bury me in ash before I reach Piccadilly.

He set it through the worsted wool of his coat, there was no mistaking the heavy thumping of his heart. There was so much sexual tension, plenty of kissing, and even a few scenes which involved more than kissing but no sex. Oh well. View 2 comments.

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However, I enjoyed the banter between Ben and Barbara, and combined the murder mystery that took front seat, I did feel that the sensuality level was exactly where this story needed it to be. In short? I loved this book. There were times when I was a bit frustrated by the constant misinterpretation of things by both Ben and Barbara, but honestly, the lovely angst on both their parts combined with the surprisingly good mystery far overshadowed those fleeting moments.

A very solid 4. I really enjoyed this one, provided by netgalley. I'd read another one by this author Ruined by Rumor , and enjoyed it, but found it a bit lacking. The heroine annoyed me a bit and the plot was too predictable.

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With this one, I didn't have those issues at all. So what did I enjoy? Both of them. And, quite frankly, how often can you say that you really enjoy reading about both main protagonists in a romance? You know how sometimes heroines are described as I really enjoyed this one, provided by netgalley. You know how sometimes heroines are described as feisty in a Regency romance, but really the sum total of their feistiness is daring to wear red, or something equally pathetic?

Well, not this one. She is really a lady, knows what's proper, but has a bit of a mouth on her, and resorts to knee-in-groin when required. The hero is a great match for her. Built like a brick outhouse, a veritable Adonis, but essentially upright, uptight and efficient. Oh, the writing is wonderful!!

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The author uses the POVs of both the heroine and the hero and it's just superb. I don't know why more authors don't give this format a go, because it just works so brilliantly! Also, it's refreshing to find an author not afraid to put in a few choice euphemisms, and yet also essentially close the door on all but a couple of intimate moments. The sexy stuff is cheeky rather than sexy-smutty, and I rather enjoyed the naughty light touch for a change. The hero's father, for example, is rumored to be homosexual, not something which is usually included in Regency romances at all, and although it is essentially handled with a slightly comic touch, it didn't feel uncomfortable as a reader.

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It was handled really well. What didn't I like so much? Have to think about that one and get back to it, because honestly, I can't think of one thing I didn't like.

A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble
A Tryst with Trouble A Tryst with Trouble

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